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The Tor des Géants® will take place from 8th to 15th September 2019, with the start set for 12.00 on Sunday 8 September from Courmayeur.
Runners must complete the route by 6 pm on Saturday 14th September, and prizes will be awarded on Sunday 15th September. The maximum time allotted for completion of the race is 150 hours.

A foot race in natural surroundings that follows Alte Vie paths 1 and 2 in the Valle d'Aosta (Italy), starting and finishing at Courmayeur.
A distance of 356km with a positive altitude difference of around 27,390 metres (ITRA evaluation), passing through 34 municipal districts. The race is run in a single, free-speed stage within a limited time, in conditions of semi-self-sufficiency.
The route of the Tor des Géants® includes several high-altitude sections, including some over 3000 meters, with extremely harsh weather conditions (wind, cold, rain, snow and ice), alternating with sections at much lower altitudes where the conditions can be the exact opposite (very hot).
Runners must be prepared for varying weather conditions between one life base and the next (around 50km), both day and night. Your choice of clothing and the equipment you carry with you should therefore reflect what is required for these particular circumstances.
Rigorous training and a physical capacity for personal autonomy are essential requirements for taking part in this race.

Underestimating the physical and psychological preparation required, as well as the appropriate clothing and equipment, can have dangerous and potentially life-threatening consequences!