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Extreme teambuilding adventure race, rock climbing, river rafting, and paragliding are all suitable activities for adrenaline-loving thrill seekers? All are extreme team recreational exercises that some executives believe help to boost employee morale and foster a spirit cooperation and creativity amongst team members.

Most teambuilding activities focus on developing critical skills, like problem solving, real time decision making, task delegation, and communication. Some are mental exercises and some just aren't for the faint of heart.

Take, which offers an "MONTEM EXTREME Program" designed to facilitate the development of more creative and productive employees, effective managers, and efficient teams. Their outdoor skills program sends participants through mountains, mesas and canyons with few basic supplies - no watches, radios, or cell phones - only tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks. The outdoor adventure program is just as challenging, as participants are engaged in a river rafting, hiking, paragliding, rappelling, zip lining, trailrunning, MTB, rock climbing and open water swimming etc. 



Peak of the devil "numner one"

The ultimate mountain expedition, the path of which follows the Everest Base Camp Trail up the Khumbu valley to base camp itself, situated in the shadow of the world's most iconic peak.

Peak of the devil

One of the world's deadliest mountains, Mont Blanc claims many lives each year. Yet with a good guide and the right conditions, even novices can attempt its spectacular 4810m summit.

The best whitewater descents in France

With great white water, plenty of sunshine and beautiful mountain scenery, the Southern French Alps has a lot to attract river runners.

The Hautes Alpes and Alpes de Haute Provence regions of southern France have some of the most beautiful white water rivers in France. The most spectacular and fun rivers are undoubtedly the Durance, the Ubaye, the Bachelard and the Guil. White water kayaking and rafting from grades 2 to 5 is waiting to thrill you and spill you, all under a warm Mediterranean sun.

Alaska rafting in Tatshenshini-Alsek Wilderness

See grizzlies, moose, bighorn sheep, wolves and eagles. Deep in the Alaskan wilderness, the Tatshenshini River lays at the heart of the Tatshenshini-Alsek Wilderness. Bound by two towering mountain ranges the Alsek and St. Elias the Tatshenshini is a river forgotten by time. The rafting trip begins in a lake of ice flows, and then runs toward the ocean, merging with the Alsek River. This extreme adventure then leads onto a glacial moraine, past frozen falls and finally into the shadows of ship-sized icebergs and the terminus of Alsek Bay.

Experience the best of Norway

The most visited natural attraction in Norway – when you get to see the view high above Lysefjorden, it is quite easy to understand why it has reached such popularity. It is far from being as demanding as Trolltunga, hence, it is a trip that most people can accomplish. A must see on your trip to Norway!

Trolltunga has moved from being an unvisited and unknown viewpoint, to become one of Norway’s most photographed destinations. The rock formation has been nominated among the most beautiful viewpoints in the world by countless lists. Similar rankings have also named Trolltunga among the nicest spots for taking a selfie, and one of the worlds “hottest” hiking destinations.

Hiking in Sweden – the jämtland triangle      

The Jämtland Triangle is one of the most well-known and classic trails for hiking in Sweden. It’s relatively easy to hike, traversing over the regions highest lying alpine area and surrounded by the silent peaks acting like guards. Unique alpine flora lines the trails and streams gurgle their way downhill, which adds to the all-round pleasant experience. Hikers don’t need to carry heavy, self-sustaining packs as the mountain stations cater to hikers needs, even offering three course dinners; this is hiking in Sweden, this is the Jämtland Triangle, everything hiking should be, and more.

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