Fantastic participants and organiser

Friday Team arrived again to participate in Allgau SwimRun - held for the second time by SwimRun Germany. 

This time we have decided to combine it with a week holiday after the race.

Friday all participants  met  at the race meeting and like true SwimRun style we all had a pre-dinner together and talked about experience and what we all love about the sport. It is always great to meet happy Athletes from all over Europe. This year there were many strong teams and several had participated in the Wold Championships ÖtillÖ - total we were about 40 teams to the start line. 

The race was held in the beautiful area of Allgau in the south of Germany - surrounded by mountains and this year we could see snow on the summits. The route consists of 7 running sections in total of 23,5km (560 m positive altitude change), as well as 6 swimming sections in total of 3.5km.


Saturday at 10 am in  Oy-Mittelberg the race started. This year we had beautiful sunshine so we were looking forward to enjoying the race and maybe talking more to each other. Last year the air was very cold and so we got extremely cooled down after the swims so we could not talk as our frozen state.

We started in the front and hoped to get as long as possible before we could feel pain from our injuries. Helle had some hip problem and was unsure if she should start as she was not able to walk one week before the race. However she decided to race but knows that the recover-time would take longer than normal afterwards.

Running in beautiful nature and sunshine

We started with a long run where you ran in the forest on some nice trails to the sound of a river. We ran up-hill and down hill and could see the high mountains in Tyrol with snow which was very beautiful… We were therefore excited to get in the water to find out how the temperature would be this year but this time the air would keep us warm while running.

The whole running part was great and despite that  we could not run in full speed we enjoyed it. It was very well marked along the way and we ran in various terrain.

Swimming in warm and ice cold water

We did not have any pain while swimming so we were ready to swim in high speed and overtake as many as possible in the water.  This went well but we could feel the cold water after two long swims so we were looking forward to the other lake which we though would be the warmest lake…. We were told that one lake was a couple degree warmer than the other….

After another long run to the second lake we were looking forward to the last part of race in warmer water but as soon as we got in the water  we looked at each other and laughed as it was ice cold…  A long swim of 900 meter of swimming was ahead and there you felt the body got cold but the there was only one thing to do and that was to swim fast and make sure your brain did not think about cold water. Helle was counting and Sean made sure we swam as straight as possible and navigated. It was very will marked on the lakes with  marker buoys in the water. After this swim we were told the water was 8 degree so it was great to get warm tea/water. 

This is why its important to be a team as you support each-other as during a longer race there will be ups and downs and you look after each other.

Aid-stations, helpers & food

There were several rescue boats and rescue-team to help if anything happed.  After the long swims we got hot water/ tea to warm up the body and the staff was happy and very helpful.

Finish Line

We had a couple of shorter swims in the ice-cold water where we managed to swim past two other mix team who always ran past us. But now we were determined not to let this happen and ran straight to finish line after the last swim.

In the finish zone we were met by all other swim-runners and greeted by the fantastic organiser from SwimRun germany.

We had the same time as last year and finished as no 8 in the mix team and 26 overall. See more


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Race information

6th October 2018 in Oy-Mittelberg, 7 running sections - 23,5km total (560 m positive altitude change) | 6 swimming section - 3,5km total

About Allgäu SwimRun

The new Swedish endurance sport swimrun comes to the Allgäu region for the second time. Here, between the foot of the Alps and idyllic lakes, the Allgäu SwimRun 2018 will take place. Gentle trails and the clear waters of the Allgäu lakes makes this the perfect location to cross new boundaries.